How From Now On is trying to be more sustainable in 5 ways

The From Now On green thiking approach

  • Zero stock! Most of our products are made after your purchase. This way, no unnecessary products are made, and we produce less waste when compared to big brands with big, expensive warehouse facilities.

  • Sustainable backpack! Wondering which of our products we have in stock? It's our Kraft Paper Backpack! You can’t get any greener than with a backpack made with 100% paper. News flash: It looks super cool.

  • Organic cotton! Two of FNO’s products use only organic cotton: our crop top and our t-shirt dress. But this is only the beginning, our aim is to continue expanding our line of organic and consciously sourced products as we grow as a brand.

  • Biodegradable smartphone case! Our 100% biodegradable iPhone cases are one of our newer products, and we couldn’t be prouder. It's made from soil, onions, carrots, pepper, sawdust, rice, soybeans and wheat. When you're done using, it will decompose in 1 year. A perfect way to reduce plastic waste! It even comes in green packaging… Amazing stuff.

  • Speaking of packaging… That’s the last item on our list. It’s a challenge to only use eco-friendly materials, but we’re trying our best as a small and upcoming brand! Just like the iPhone case packaging, our newly launched Custom Necklace comes in an exclusive eco-friendly black leatherette-covered box. Our Kraft Paper Backpack also comes in an organic cotton tote bag that you can reuse for carrying your gym gear, organizing your wardrobe… A lot of possibilities, but we’ll save those tips for another post ;)